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Serving Florida & New Jersey (more info.) for over 20 years! Owner Operated Only! Call Gary Direct at 888.249.8164

Dealer's Profit

My name is Gary and I clean any type of window treatment right where they hang.

I offer a 15% recommendation fee on all referrals! Some dealers will mail or email their customers and make the same money on cleaning referrals as they do with their retail sales!!

You can call me anytime for more detail. You can submit your customer's information direct (including yours so I know where to mail the check) on the form below. There is a cell phone app to do the same coming soon.

I have been in customers homes and businesses for over 20 years and I personally make sure that everything comes out perfect.

If you would like me to mail you business cards which includes a spot on the back for your information (so I can track the referral) please click here; Gary Send Me Cards.